A Swontercest fanfiction by The Gentleman

In response to this fanfiction.

It is Friday, you enter the home of the Sir of Swagger. 

Swag is sitting on top of the couch and the One-ler is on the floor leaning against it. No one welcomes you in, for they are engaging in an intense game of Mario Cart.  You stand at the door of the living room, eyes set on the two, knowing that this was not just another game night. One-ler turns his head toward you, “Hey.” You nod, and reply with the same simple word. He sets his controller down and motions you to sit on his lap. 

“If you put down your controller, you know I’m just gonna win.” Swag smirks. One-ler ignores him. “I’m glad you could join us.” he whispers into your ear. He wraps his arms around you and begins kissing your neck. What is wrong with this picture? It was as if the roles had been switch. Except One-ler was not your boyfriend and you weren’t as casual as Swag about the happenings. Of course they knew what was going on, but were they really ok with this? In your mind you were just waiting for the moment where they would say, “Just kidding Bitter, we were just messing with you.” But how far would they push until they would finally reveal that truth.

One-ler’s breathing becomes heavy on your neck. He kisses you longingly and you know whatever this is is about to start. He begins to unbutton your pants. Swag tosses his wii controller to ground, “HOW THE FUCK DID I STILL LOSE?!” You avert your attention for a second, but your attention is returned to One-ler’s hand feeling you and you breaking a sweat.

Swag leaves his spot on the couch and positions himself across from you and you are again the middleman sending messages of affection to both of them, but now all at the same place. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS. You wanted to scream, but you didn’t want to leave.

Swag removes your shirt and presses his lips to yours. Your eyes close. You do love him and you love his kiss, but was all this love? Or we’re you still going to take what you could get. His kiss grows deeper and you find yourself digging your fingers through his hair, but you are constrained by One-ler’s grasp on you, pumping faster. 

Swag pulls down your pants and you could feel One-ler’s Richard nudging at you from underneath fabric. DAMNIT. He removes his shirt and continues rubbing your hammer. Swag, is surprisingly quiet all this time. For once not a word.

The doorbell rings. SHIT. Was it Mom? Would she care. She always thought you were gay anyways, but who would want their mother to see this?

“So I heard it was game night.” FUCKING GENT.

“Forgive me, the door was open so I let myself in.” Why did he ask for forgiveness when he was already inside? He glances at the three on the floor and smiles, I told you it’s not gay if it’s in a threeway.”


Gent awakes from his slumber, drenched in sweat. He lifts the bed sheets and peers under the covers. Bugger.

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