Um, hi my name is Megan, your name is Gentleman Once-ler. What are you going to dress up a s for Halloween? Here is my good suggestion: a half ghost/half devil(by wearing a white sheet with two eyeholes, with devil horns headband on top of his costume and a devil tail attached to it)!

Hello Megan. Boo.

Favourite music type, gent?

Your voice is music to my ears.

Holy crap you're still here? You Dapper fellow how have you been lately??


I do plan to be the last once-ler standing. 

I couldn't ask for a better husband. Thank you for being here, good night, Gent. *hugs*

Good night, Dear.

How many languages ​​do you know?

I only know the language of love.

Gent I'm so sleepy. =n=

You may sleep with us as well.

Hello Gentleman! ^-^ Nice to meet you. I was wondering, have you ever met a man called the Doctor? He's not as snazzily dressed as you, but he wears a suit, albeit a pinstriped one at that. Maybe you've seen his red converse or paisley tie? If you haven't, I shall continue my search elsewhere. The time-travelling alien is quite hard to find. (sorry this is so freakin' lame. ;A; this is my first time ever asking and ask and yeah. T^T *rolls away in shame*)


I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting this man before, but I have heard of him. He seems rather difficult to recognise sometimes though, almost as if he changes faces every so often.

Like a Once-ler. Except we change personalities.

You're learning Spanish, but what about French? Voulez vous couchez avec moi, Gent?


Tais-toi et coucher avec moi.

Sound: Gent! gent! I just finished perfecting a song on the violin!

Perhaps we can play something together.

Excuse me, sir, but that derrière is for my pats only >8I

It is all “jolly good” in the hood. No harm done. My apologies.