hey their Gent. I heard you were out promoting yourself. How's that going for ya?

Business is booming as you can see.

I'm so glad you still pop in every once in a while. It's always nice to see you~

It’s nice to see you too, Love.

Whatcha been up to, gent?

Gentlemanly things.

You're one of the things I really miss about when the fandom was in it's heyday. You always make me smile when I'm upset.

Mission accomplished.

Never leave us, please.

I promise never to leave your side, Darling.

Did you know two or three years ago back when I was active in this fandom I wait every night for you to come on so that I could at least talk to you once a day?


I use to do the same thing.

Happy Birthday.


Casually spoils you on my birthday 

im gonna punch you then marry you.


Well, we’ve done one of those things, but I do wish to avoid the former.

Oh Onceler....we miss you!! Are you coming back soon?

I’ll always be around.

I feel almost excessively excited to see you, haha. Even if we haven't interacted before, I really enjoyed reading your tumblr, I think you're a real sweetheart. Do you want some tea? I have so much tea!

I love tea! It gives me great joy to hear that you enjoy my blog.