How many languages ​​do you know?

I only know the language of love.

Gent I'm so sleepy. =n=

You may sleep with us as well.

Hello Gentleman! ^-^ Nice to meet you. I was wondering, have you ever met a man called the Doctor? He's not as snazzily dressed as you, but he wears a suit, albeit a pinstriped one at that. Maybe you've seen his red converse or paisley tie? If you haven't, I shall continue my search elsewhere. The time-travelling alien is quite hard to find. (sorry this is so freakin' lame. ;A; this is my first time ever asking and ask and yeah. T^T *rolls away in shame*)


I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting this man before, but I have heard of him. He seems rather difficult to recognise sometimes though, almost as if he changes faces every so often.

Like a Once-ler. Except we change personalities.

You're learning Spanish, but what about French? Voulez vous couchez avec moi, Gent?


Tais-toi et coucher avec moi.

Sound: Gent! gent! I just finished perfecting a song on the violin!

Perhaps we can play something together.

Excuse me, sir, but that derrière is for my pats only >8I

It is all “jolly good” in the hood. No harm done. My apologies.


[laughs uncomfortably]

Amazing! I recall the first drawing to the last. What progress you have made. I am proud of you dearest Once-ling.

I must say sir, you are quite the fine looking charmer ;)

Some might even say that I am a “gentle romancer”,

Do you bite your thumb at us, sir?


No, sir, I do not bite my thumb at you, Sir,

but I bite my thumb, Sir.

You look adorable sir~

You have good taste, Mister Once-ler.